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Amanda Larrimer

With years of retail and interior design experience, I've built a career based on the idea that the way people live can and should reflect their personality. Self-expression, whether through clothing or home decor and design, has always been a priority for me, and is the foundation of my interior design business.

At Form Studio, our job is to help clients express themselves through their own homes and spaces, whether that’s on the scale of consultations or full renovations. We work to curate items that will showcase your personality, and from there will design your space for the functionality of everyday life.

With Form as your design support, clients can dream and envision, and we’ll take that vision and bring it to fruition using patterns, textures, and colors. Curation and creativity is the name of the game here at Form. We'll pair with form and function to create a personalized design fit for your individual lifestyle. Never creating the same design twice, what we bring to life at Form will be yours and yours alone.


Design is a process, so let's start yours today.


THE MISSION is to create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that meet your aesthetic, functional and economic goals while honoring the buildings that contain them.

THE APPROACH is flexible and responsive.  I collaborate with clients that both have a strong vision and with those who are less sure and need more guidance through the design process. 


THE style is reflective of my appreciation for historical architecture and love of playful and bright modern design elements. 

THE OBJECTIVE is to help you create the home you want to live in. 

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