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The aim for this space was to open up the kitchen to the front living room, enhancing functionality by removing a kitchenette sitting area for additional storage. I drew inspiration from clean, boho aesthetics and earthy colors, which allowed the design to evolve into a modern, boho, transitional blend.


Products for this space included the Cloe 2” x 8” tile for the backsplash, Calcutta Lazo Quartz countertop, and Shenandoah cabinets formed the essence of the design.


The comprehensive scope involved a full kitchen renovation, the removal of a dividing wall, ingeniously pushed back to an old chimney, and a subtle update to the laundry room's flooring .



In this renovation, the goal was to revamp and enlarge the lower level bathroom into a shared, enjoyable primary space. Drawing inspiration from soft, airy cool tones, the design seamlessly blends traditional, transitional, and modern elements.

Noteworthy products include Concept 32 and Semi handmade cabinets, floor and decor tiles, decorative materials from Bedrosians, and Kohler plumbing fixtures. The result is a transformed bathroom that marries functionality with a calming aesthetic.


Park Hill Craftsman

This project involved transforming a craftsman-style home with a fun, eclectic, and modern touch.


The goal was to create a more spacious kitchen layout, add a back entrance mudroom, and update the living room furniture for better flow. The basement was excavated for taller ceilings, creating a kid-friendly hangout area, a larger guest bath, and a bedroom. The style blended craftsman elements with mid-mod and modern influences.


The project featured products from Rove Concepts, CB2, Room & Board, and Herman Miller, with vintage items from the family.


Modern Adobe

The objective was to enhance the first floor's unity and warmth, opening up the space to accommodate an office and adult sitting area.


Walls in the kitchen were removed, transforming the once-walled atrium into an integral part of the dining room. The renovation extended to the updated laundry and adjacent small powder bath. Inspired by open kitchen concepts and full room utilization, the design seamlessly melds adobe, southwest, modern, and traditional styles.

indian kitchen 1.jpg

Mid Mod Ranch

Here we wanted to optimize the kitchen's functionality, focusing on increased countertop space and enhanced storage within space constraints. Drawing inspiration from vintage mid-mod minimalism and a utilitarian style, the design seamlessly blends mid-modern and modern aesthetics.


Notable products include Colorado modern kitchen cabinets and chipped ice Daltile countertops, resulting in a sleek, efficient kitchen update.