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Denver Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper Install

Interior Design for This Denver Mid Century Modern Home

In this Denver mid-century modern home, I had the task to update the living room wall which is also the first wall you see when you walk into the space. I wanted to reimagine the feeling of the living room and while adhering to the budget and the original style of this home. The focal point? A captivating statement wall in the entryway, adorned with a stunning wallpaper from House of Hackney, and shelves that transport you back in time.

The clients, with a penchant for botanical motifs and a love for all things green, were drawn to the rich, moody hues of the chosen wallpaper. Its intricate patterns added depth and character to the space, perfectly complementing the mid-century modern aesthetic of the home. Originally, we started with a sample of this same paper but in white. However, the brightness of the paper didn't give us the drama or mood we were looking for. Mid-Century Modern decor isn't known for it's bright and airy feel but instead creating a cozy space that really feels grounded.

Project Budget

Navigating the budgetary constraints, we carefully curated a mid-mod shelving unit that struck the ideal balance between form and function. By prioritizing affordability without compromising on quality, we achieved a cohesive look that seamlessly integrated with the overall design scheme. While the homeowners had found a unit they loved it, it took up the entire $10,000 budget and wouldn't allow for us to source and install and beautiful wallpaper. So it was back to the drawing board to find a unit that fit the design style and the budget. Luckily we came across this unit and we all fell in love with it.

Denver Mid Century Modern Bookshelves and Wallpaper

Styling Shelves

When it came to styling the shelves, our approach was rooted in simplicity and sophistication. We artfully combined artwork, plants, and books to create a curated display that highlighted the wallpaper's botanical theme. Strategic placement of live plants alongside printed motifs added depth and dimension to the room, infusing it with a sense of vitality and energy.

One of my favorite pieces on the shelves was the artwork with a large white mat around it on the top shelf. This gave enough breathing room from the paper that you don't feel like they're competing and the big blocks of white throughout the shelves create rest for the eyes.

Styling this Denver Mid Century Modern Home

A True Denver Mid-Century Modern Home

As the project neared completion, it was evident that the marriage of this House of Hackney wallpaper and mid-century modern design had yielded remarkable results. The space exuded a sense of timeless elegance and refinement—a testament to the power of thoughtful design choices.

In interior design, every project tells a story. And for these Denver homeowners, the narrative of their mid-century modern makeover is one of creativity, collaboration, and inspired design. Next on the list for their home is sourcing more artwork for their bare walls that will not only compliment this wall but also the history and story of the home.

Here's to bold choices, budget-friendly solutions, and the enduring allure of mid-century modern style.

Looking to add wallpaper to your home? Or have a wall that just needs a little extra something? Schedule a design consult today and lets transform your space. Change is good. I'll help you see that.


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