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Denver Wallpaper: The Art of Wallpaper in Your Home

Wallpaper, once confined to the nostalgic realms of our grandmothers' homes, has undergone a stylish renaissance, proving its timeless appeal in contemporary interiors. If you're contemplating a Denver home update, consider the versatile ways you can infuse personality and charm with this design staple.

Denver Wallpaper Inspiration
Floor to ceiling wallpaper on every wall creates a cozy space with lots of texture.

Whole Room Wallpapering: A Statement in Every Corner

Opting to wallpaper an entire room is a bold yet impactful move. Denver homes can benefit from this approach, transforming spaces into curated sanctuaries. It's an immersive experience, where walls become canvases for expression. Choose patterns that resonate with your aesthetic, ensuring a seamless fusion with your overall design scheme and in a color palette that won't overwhelm but add to the space. My favorite place to do all out wallpaper is in the formal dining room.

Denver Wallpaper
Wallpaper included on the top-half of the wall with detailed board and batten on bottom

Top Half of the Room: The Perfect Balance

Achieve a harmonious balance by wallpapering the top half of your room. This technique provides visual interest without overwhelming the space. Consider muted tones or subtle patterns for a sophisticated touch that complements the inherent elegance of your Denver home. Balance this look out with board and batten on the lower half of the wall in a color the compliments your wallpaper and doesn't take away from it.

Ceiling Statements: Elevate Your Space Literally

Don't forget the fifth wall—your ceiling. Elevate your design by extending wallpaper to this often-neglected surface. Denver homeowners can embrace creativity with patterns that draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of height. It's a subtle yet impactful touch that adds dimension to any room.

Back of Bookcases: A Hidden Surprise

Infuse character into your bookcases by wallpapering the back panels. Denver homes can benefit from this understated yet effective method, turning ordinary shelves into curated displays. Opt for patterns that complement your room's palette, creating a cohesive look that subtly ties your design elements together.

Closet Chic: Where Style Meets Surprise

Transform the everyday into the extraordinary by wallpapering your closet interiors. This unexpected touch introduces an element of surprise every time you open the door. Denver homeowners can use this as an opportunity to experiment with bolder patterns or colors that may be too overwhelming for larger spaces. It's also the perfect way to make even more use of children's room closet which often have the space to show off a little extra color.

This dark wallpaper grounds the room and creates contrast with the whites of the room and the bright lighting.

Embracing Contemporary Wallpaper

Once dismissed as a relic of the past, wallpaper has evolved into a contemporary design powerhouse. Today, we witness an array of patterns, textures, and colors that defy the mundane. From subtle geometric shapes to bold botanical prints, the options are as diverse as the Denver landscape.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper: Tips for Denver Homes

In a city as dynamic as Denver, where mountain views and urban sophistication coexist, selecting the right wallpaper requires thoughtful consideration. Opt for patterns that complement your existing design elements. If your furniture leans towards simplicity, experiment with bolder patterns. Conversely, if your decor is vibrant, consider more subdued wallpaper to avoid visual overload.

Denver Wallpaper Installers

Navigating the world of wallpaper installation can be daunting. At Form Studio, I collaborate with skilled wallpaper installers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities Denver homes present. Their expertise ensures a seamless process, saving you time and stress. Explore the transformative possibilities of wallpaper without the hassle.

Design Inspiration Beyond Wallpaper

For additional design inspiration, check out Domino Magazine's list of top wallpapers or explore Denver wallpaper designer Modern Magic. They'll give you new inspiration, ensuring your Denver home stays on the cutting edge of style.

Within Denver living, wallpaper emerges as a versatile tool for self-expression. Whether adorning entire rooms or adding subtle surprises, this timeless design element invites you to reimagine your space with sophistication and flair. Embrace the resurgence of wallpaper, redefine your home's aesthetic, and elevate your Denver living experience.

Not sure where to begin with wallpaper in your home? I'm here to help. Book a 1-hour consult to get started and see how we can add some pattern to your home.


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